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Connecting Markets, Cultures, and Opportunities Globally


Nichiboku Ltd: Linking Japan to Global Trade and Logistics
Bridging Markets, Cultures, and Opportunities Worldwide

Nichiboku Ltd: Bridging Japan into Global International Marketing, Trade and Logistics

Operating from the city of  Sakai, Osaka, Nichiboku Ltd. is a proud and distinguished member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with membership number K-0101752. This affiliation underscores our deep-seated commitment to and respected position within the Japanese business community.

Nichiboku Ltd. transcends the traditional boundaries of a logistics and supply chain company. We serve as a conduit between diverse cultures and economies, providing bespoke solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Our core expertise lies in supplying Japanese equipment and materials crucial for industrial plants. Additionally, we offer specialized consulting in Marketing and International Trade, with a particular focus on assisting Mexican exporters in navigating and establishing a foothold in the Japanese market.

Nichiboku Ltd was established on April 8, 2003, by Luis Alberto Fing, who currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. With a wealth of experience in the Japanese market, Mr. Fing specializes in Internatonal Merketing, Export and Import Logistics.

Nichiboku Ltd. represents a unique amalgamation of Japanese meticulousness and Mexican dynamism, a testament to the harmonious blend of Japan ("Nichi") and Mexico ("Boku"). Our company registration number is 201-02-011366.

Strategically headquartered in Osaka, within the bustling Kansai region of the Kinki area, Nichiboku Ltd. occupies a pivotal position in a vital logistics and marketing nexus. Our location, optimally nestled between the significant ports of Kobe and Osaka, empowers us to deliver comprehensive logistical solutions.

Our strategic infrastructure is pivotal not only for seamless logistics but also for fostering direct client interactions, thereby ensuring efficient service delivery throughout central, northern, and southern Japan. This strategic placement is instrumental in augmenting our operational efficiency and enhancing our client service capabilities, reflecting our unwavering commitment to business excellence.

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Bridging Continents, Connecting Markets, Global Trade. 

Nichiboku at the Heart of Global Trade.
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