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Nichiboku: Industrial Equipment and Supplies


Nichiboku Ltd: Excellence in Japanese Industrial Solutions
Nichiboku: Leading Supplier of Industrial Equipment

Nichiboku Ltd: Supply of High-Quality Japanese Industrial Equipment and Components with Advanced Technological Innovation

For the agricultural sector, we supply precision machinery, as well as specialized equipment for sorting and selecting fruits, vegetables, and grains.

At Nichiboku Ltd., we are committed to providing equipment and components that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations in performance and reliability. Our focus on innovation and Japanese technology allows us to offer products synonymous with efficiency and durability.


Nichiboku Ltd. offers a range of superior Japanese industrial equipment for sectors including power generation, oil, gas, mining, and agriculture. Their offerings, known for innovation and durability, include generators, pumps, compressors, safety valves, and specialized agricultural machinery. Nichiboku is committed to delivering efficient and reliable industrial solutions.

Nichiboku Ltd. specializes in the supply of a wide range of Japanese industrial equipment and components, renowned for their superior quality and innovation in advanced technology. Our catalog offers comprehensive solutions for various industrial sectors, including power generation, oil, gas, mining, and agriculture.

We provide electric generators, hydraulic process pumps, pressure reducers, and air and gas compressors, all essential for efficient operations in power plants and in the oil, gas, and mining industries.

Our range also includes filters and filtering elements, safety valves for high-pressure and temperature environments, and heat exchangers for industrial processes. Bolt Heaters are a part of our specialized offerings in this sector.

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Nichiboku Industrial Solutions: Powering Progress with Precision and Innovation

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