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Nichiboku Ltd: Product Supply & Marketing Consulting 


Nichiboku Ltd: Empowering Mexican Companies in Japan
Nichiboku Ltd: Your Source for Products and Marketing Expertise

Industrial Supply Expertise and Market Expansion Support for Mexican Companies in Japan

  • Import Consultation for the Japanese Market: Detailed guidance on import processes, assisting Mexican companies in navigating the complexities of the Japanese market, from regulatory compliance to cultural adaptation of their products.

  • Business Tours, Commercial Missions, and Trade Fair Participation:
    Nichiboku Ltd. offers streamlined services for Mexican companies to engage in business tours, commercial missions, and trade fairs in Japan. These initiatives are key for establishing industry contacts, understanding the Japanese market, and promoting products. They provide a platform for business expansion, strategic alliances, and enhanced market entry, ensuring a strong presence for Mexican companies in Japan.


Nichiboku Ltd. stands out for its wide range of professional services, including the supply of Japanese equipment and parts for industrial maintenance on a global level, and specialized support in international marketing and market expansion for Mexican food sector companies interested in the Japanese market. With a focus on quality, adaptability, and expert knowledge, Nichiboku Ltd. positions itself as an essential strategic partner for companies seeking industrial maintenance efficiency and success in international expansion.

1) Supplying Japan-Made Machinery and Spare Parts to Overseas Power Plants

Nichiboku Ltd. specializes in supplying Japanese equipment and parts for maintenance in industrial plants, offering a global service aimed at companies worldwide. This service focuses on providing high-quality components and advanced technology, essential for efficient operation and longevity of industrial facilities. With extensive experience and knowledge in the sector, Nichiboku Ltd. delivers customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability of the equipment.


2) International Marketing & Trade Support (Special Service for Mexican Companies)

Expansion for Mexican Food Sector Companies

Nichiboku Ltd. provides comprehensive international marketing and market expansion support, focused on Mexican exporting companies in the food sector looking to enter the Japanese market. This service includes:

  • Product Adaptation and Marketing Strategies: Specialized advice to meet the expectations and regulations of the Japanese market, including market research, branding, product positioning, and market entry strategies.

Service Portfolio

  • Supply of Japanese Equipment and Parts for Maintenance in Industrial Plants (Details here

  • International Marketing Support and Market (Special Service for Mexican Companies)/(Details here)

  • Support for Participation in Japan Trade Fairs (Details here

  • Japan Food Import Database (Details here

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