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Navigating Agro-Food Exports with Ease


Nichiboku Ltd.: Bridging Mexican Agro-Food Exports to Japan
Mexico to Japan: Agro-Food Trade

Nichiboku Ltd.: Bridging Mexican Agro-Food Exports with the Japanese Market

5. Marketing and Promotion Strategies

  • Marketing Strategies: Develops marketing strategies adapted to the Japanese market, including branding and positioning.

  • Promotional Campaigns: Organizes and executes promotional campaigns, including tastings, trade fairs, and advertising.

6. Translation and Communication Services

  • Document Translation: Translates labels, packaging, and promotional material into Japanese.

  • Bilingual Communication: Facilitates communication between Mexican companies and Japanese partners.

7. Support in Inspections and Certifications

  • Inspection Management: Assists in the preparation and management of inspections required by Japanese authorities.

  • Advice on Organic and Special Certifications: Helps in obtaining organic certifications, GMO-free, etc., if necessary.

8. Training and Capacity Building

  • Seminars and Workshops: Offers training on business practices, regulations, and business culture in Japan.

  • Advice on Quality and Food Safety: Advises on Japanese standards in quality and food safety.

9. Post-Sale Assistance and Monitoring

  • Customer Service: Provides post-sale assistance to handle any issues or inquiries.

  • Market Feedback Analysis: Collects and analyzes consumer and client feedback for continuous improvement.

10. Strategic Consulting

  • Long-Term Planning: Advises on entry and expansion strategies in the Japanese market.

  • Risk and Opportunity Analysis: Assesses potential risks and growth opportunities in the market.

Nichiboku Ltd. plays a crucial role in facilitating and ensuring the success of Mexican agro-food exports in Japan, helping companies navigate the complexities of the Japanese market and establish a strong and sustainable presence.

Conclusion: Nichiboku Ltd. is a key facilitator for Mexican agro-food exporters entering the Japanese market, offering comprehensive services that simplify market entry and enhance success potential, thereby becoming an indispensable bridge to lucrative opportunities in Japan.

Unlocking New Horizons: Mexico's Agri-Food Exports to Japan

Mexico's strong production of high-quality agri-food products, combined with Japan's significant demand and reliance on imports, positions Japan as a key export market for Mexico. The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the two countries offers Mexican products reduced or zero tariffs, enhancing their competitiveness. Additionally, diversifying into the Japanese market is strategically important for Mexican SMEs to reduce dependence on their primary export market, the United States. This combination of factors makes Japan an attractive and strategic destination for Mexican agri-food exports.

Nichiboku Ltd. offers a wide range of services designed to facilitate the importation of Mexican agro-food products into the Japanese market. These services are tailored to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in this sector. Below are the services that Nichiboku Ltd. provides:


1. Consulting and Market Analysis

  • Market Research: Provides detailed analysis of the Japanese market, including trends, product demand, competition, and consumer preferences.

  • Product Evaluation: Analyzes the feasibility and potential of Mexican agro-food products in Japan.

2. Regulatory and Compliance Advice

  • Import Regulations: Advises on specific Japanese regulations for food, including food safety, labeling, and customs.

  • Certification Procedures: Assists in obtaining necessary certifications for the Japanese market, such as JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards).

3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics Solutions: Advises and manages transportation and logistics from Mexico to Japan, ensuring product integrity.

  • Storage and Distribution: Facilitates storage and distribution solutions within Japan.

4. Representation and Commercial Liaison

  • Partner Search: Identifies and connects with potential distributors, retailers, and other commercial partners in Japan.

  • Commercial Negotiations: Acts as an intermediary in commercial negotiations, respecting cultural and business differences.

Unlocking New Horizons: Mexico's Agri-Food Exports to Japan

Service Portfolio

  • Supply of Japanese Equipment and Parts for Maintenance in Industrial Plants (Details here

  • International Marketing Support and Market (Special Service for Mexican Companies)/(Details here)

  • Support for Participation in Japan Trade Fairs (Details here

  • Japan Food Import Database (Details here

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