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JASTPRO: Streamlining Trade Processes in Japan
JASTPRO: Pioneering Global Business Efficiency from Japan

JASTPRO: The Japan Trade Procedure Simplification Association

  • Usage for Corporations: Corporations can use their national tax agency corporate number in conjunction with the JASTPRO code for NACCS declarations. The JASTPRO code also offers a convenient feature where branches, sales offices, factories, warehouses, etc., can have their own sub-codes for free. These sub-codes can be used when making NACCS declarations for different business locations.

  • System Usage: When using the JASTPRO system, it is recommended to use browsers like "Google Chrome" or "Microsoft Edge." The system does not support Internet Explorer.

Nichiboku Ltd. is dedicated to upholding the JASTPRO Code No. P001J2520000 from the Japan Association for the Simplification of International Trade Procedures. Our commitment enables us to efficiently assist our clients in optimizing their logistics, facilitating smoother international trade.

JASTPRO is an organization focused on simplifying trade-related procedures in Japan. It plays a key role in facilitating trade by standardizing and digitizing various processes. One of its significant contributions is the development and management of the JASTPRO Code, a unique identifier for companies involved in trade.


  • JASTPRO Code: This is a corporate identification code that has been used for many years in NACCS declarations (electronic procedures for customs and other agencies). It is known among trade practitioners as the "JASTPRO (Just Pro) Code."

  • Advantages: Using the JASTPRO code can prevent confusion with companies of the same name and avoid spelling mistakes in English names and addresses during NACCS declarations. It also enables the use of systems like account transfer for customs duties, fully leveraging the benefits of electronic declarations.

  • Efficiency in Customs Procedures: Once registered, even customs brokers who are handling clearance for the first time can simply provide the JASTPRO code to ensure accurate and swift customs procedures at ports and airports nationwide.

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