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Precision Instruments by Nagano Keiki: Measure with Confidence
Nagano Keiki: Mastering Precision in Measurement

Measure with Confidence: Nagano Keiki's Precision Instruments

Nagano Keiki: Elevating Precision in Pressure and Temperature Metrics

Nagano Keiki: Redefining Precision in Pressure and Temperature Measurement

Products by Applications

  1. Pressure Gauge: Nagano Keiki offers a range of pressure gauges designed for various industrial applications, ensuring accurate pressure measurement under different conditions.

  2. Pressure Switch: These switches are essential for monitoring and controlling pressure levels in various systems, providing safety and efficiency in operations.

  3. Pressure Sensor: Pressure sensors from Nagano Keiki are designed for precise pressure measurement, crucial in many industrial processes.

  4. Digital Pressure Gauge: Combining traditional pressure measurement with digital technology, these gauges offer enhanced accuracy and readability.

  5. Temperature Gauge: These gauges are essential for monitoring temperature in a range of industrial applications, ensuring processes operate within the desired temperature ranges.

  6. Flow & Heat Meter: Nagano Keiki's flow and heat meters are designed for accurate measurement of fluid flow and heat transfer, vital in many industrial processes.

  7. Inspection & Calibration Instrument: These instruments are crucial for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of various measurement devices, maintaining the integrity of industrial processes.

  8. Accessory and Others: Nagano Keiki also provides a range of accessories and other products to support and enhance the functionality of their main product lines.

Nagano Keiki offers a range of specialized products, focusing on precision measurement instruments. One of their notable products is the KF10 Melt Pressure & Temperature Sensor. This product exemplifies their commitment to high-quality, durable, and accurate measurement solutions. Here's an overview of the KF10 Melt Pressure & Temperature Sensor:

KF10 Melt Pressure & Temperature Sensor

  • Sapphire Diaphragm: The sensor features a sapphire diaphragm, known for its high durability, which is crucial for the sensing parts. This material choice ensures longevity and reliability in demanding environments.

  • No Enclosed Liquid Structure: For safety purposes, the sensor is designed without an enclosed liquid structure. This design aspect enhances the safety profile of the sensor, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

  • Simultaneous Pressure and Temperature Measurement: The KF10 sensor is capable of measuring both pressure and temperature simultaneously, offering a dual-functionality that adds value and efficiency to industrial processes.

  • High-Pressure Measurement Accuracy: The sensor provides high-pressure measurement with an accuracy of ±0.5% F.S. at temperatures up to 400℃. This level of precision is essential for industries where accurate pressure and temperature readings are critical.

Nagano Keiki's focus on integrating durability with precision in their products, such as the KF10 Melt Pressure & Temperature Sensor, demonstrates their expertise in developing measurement instruments that cater to the specific needs of various industries. Their products are designed to offer reliable and accurate measurements, ensuring optimal performance in industrial settings.


Nagano Keiki stands at the forefront of precision measurement technology, offering an unmatched array of solutions that cater to a wide range of industries. With a rich heritage in innovation, specialized in the design and manufacture of high-quality products

Pressure Gauges / Switches / Sensors / Digital Pressure Gauges /  Temperature Gauges / Flow & Heat Meters /  Inspection & Calibration Instruments  / Heat Exchanger

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