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Precision Engineered for Optimal Temperature Control


Okazaki: Enhancing Precision with Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology
Engineered Precision for Supreme Temperature Management

Elevate Your Measurements with Okazaki's Advanced Sensor Technology

Okazaki: Elevating Precision with Advanced Sensor Technology

Okazaki: Where Innovation Meets Reliability in Temperature Sensing

Protection Tubes

Protection Tubes for Temperature Sensors: Used to shield temperature sensors from high-pressure, corrosion, high temperature, and other harsh environments. These include THERMOWELL types that can be attached to piping lines independently from temperature sensors.

Electric Heaters

  1. Micro Heaters: Economical heaters with high reliability, offering quick heat response. The heat-generating part can be bent, coiled, or soldered with silver alloy, or cast into a metal block.

  2. Sheathed Heater: High-reliability sheathed heaters capable of supplying high-temperature heat. The metal sheathed part can be bent, welded, soldered with silver alloy, or cast into a metal block.

Okazaki Manufacturing Company's products, based on their core technology in MI (Mineral Insulated) Cables, play a crucial role in various fields, offering precision, durability, and versatility in temperature measurement and heating applications.

Okazaki Manufacturing Company specializes in a range of products primarily focused on temperature measurement and heat generation, catering to various industrial sectors. Their product lineup is designed to meet the needs of industries such as petrochemistry, electric power, gases, shipbuilding, fibers, semiconductors, food, chemicals, aerospace, and automobiles. Here's an overview of the types and categories of Okazaki products:

Temperature Sensors

  1. Thermocouples:

    • AEROPAK® Mineral Insulated Thermocouple: Features a thin stainless steel or heat-resistant steel tube (sheath), enclosing a thermocouple element and packed with magnesium oxide as an inorganic insulator.

    • Protection Tube Type Thermocouples/Coated Thermocouples: Traditional thermocouples designed to protect the elements from the atmosphere of the measuring targets. They are particularly prevalent for platinum-based noble metal thermocouples.

  2. Resistance Thermometer Sensors:

    • RESIOPAK® Mineral Insulated Resistance Thermometer Sensor: Consists of a stainless steel thin tube (sheath), a conducting wire, the element of the resistance thermometer sensor inside the tube, and magnesium oxide for insulation.

    • Protection Tube Type Resistance Thermometer Sensors: Traditional sensors that protect resistance elements from the atmosphere of measuring targets.


Okazaki Manufacturing Company specializes in temperature measurement and heat generation products, including AEROPAK Sheathed Thermocouples, RESIOPAK Sheathed Resistance Thermometers, and various other MI Cable-based products like protection tubes, compensating cables, micro heaters, and sheathed heaters. These products are widely used across multiple industries including petrochemicals, electric power, gas, maritime, textiles, semiconductors, food, chemicals, aerospace, and automotive sectors.

Temperature Sensors / Resistance Thermometer Sensors / Protection Tubes / Electric Heaters

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