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TAISEI Filter Elements: Breathe Clean, Live Clean


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Filter Elements Redefined: TAISEI's Fusion of Durability and Sustainability

Elevate Filtration Standards: TAISEI's Filter Elements for Superior Purity

Notch Wire Element (Model codes: K, UK):
Featuring finely processed stainless-steel dimple wire, this element type excels in trapping particles within the dimple gaps. Manufactured in-house, the notch wire element offers superior filtration performance compared to traditional wire gauze elements. Its washable nature and flat surface design simplify maintenance, enhancing its usability and efficiency.

C-fiber Element (Model codes: C, CH): A hallmark of TAISEI's innovation, the C-fiber element utilizes uniform fine glass fiber as its filtration media. This design ensures high porosity, exceptional filtration ratings, and an extended service life. The performance of the C-fiber element is validated through the multi-pass test method, guaranteeing its reliability and effectiveness in critical applications.

In conclusion, TAISEI's portfolio of filter elements exemplifies the company's dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability. From the cost-effective paper element to the high-efficiency C-fiber element, TAISEI offers solutions tailored to a broad range of filtration needs. Their rigorous quality control process ensures that each filter element not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing customers with reliable and durable products for various applications.

Filter elements are crucial components in various filtration systems, designed to remove impurities and contaminants from fluids, gases, and air to protect machinery and processes. TAISEI, a leading manufacturer in the filtration industry, offers an extensive range of filter elements, incorporating their proprietary media technology, standard paper, wire gauze, and a variety of filtration ratings to meet diverse needs. Their commitment to producing highly reliable filter elements is underscored by rigorous quality control measures, ensuring each product meets the highest standards of performance and durability.

Among the types of filter elements offered by TAISEI:

Paper Element (Model code: U):
This is the most widely used type of filter element, characterized by its affordability. Despite its lower cost, the paper element boasts the same structural integrity and is subject to the same strict quality control as more advanced models, making it a cost-effective solution for standard filtration needs.

Wire Gauze Element (Model codes: W, UW): These elements are made from woven stainless-steel wire, providing a durable and washable filtration solution. TAISEI prioritizes the use of stainless steel for its superior durability, enhancing the reusability of the element. Filtration ratings for wire gauze elements range from coarse "Mesh" to fine "Micron" levels, accommodating a wide spectrum of filtration requirements. Though brass wire gauze elements are available from other manufacturers, TAISEI's choice of stainless steel is a testament to their commitment to quality and sustainability.

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