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Where Durability Meets Precision in Rigging Equipment


Taiyo Seiki: Elevating Success with Secure Lifting Solutions
Taiyo Seiki: Setting Global Standards in Rigging Excellence

Taiyo Seiki: Where Safety Meets Efficiency in Lifting Solutions

Taiyo Seiki: Merging Safety with Efficiency for Superior Lifting Solutions

Secure, Lift, Succeed: The Taiyo Seiki Promise

Lifting Beams: Lifting beams are used to lift loads safely and maintain balance. Taiyo Seiki provides both standard sizes and custom designs tailored to specific loads and environments, enhancing the protection, work efficiency, and safety of lifting operations.

Wire Clips: Wire clips allow for easy securing of wire ropes and can be adjusted on-site, offering flexibility and convenience in rigging setups.

Wedge-shaped Wire Sockets: These are designed to stably secure the terminal parts of wire ropes, available in various sizes and for different applications.

Mesh Cargo: Taiyo Seiki also manufactures pallets for rigging, known for their exceptional strength, suitable for transporting and securing cargo.

Other Products : The company offers a variety of auxiliary tools and temporary construction-related products necessary for various applications involving their main product lines.

Taiyo Seiki Works I's products are designed with a focus on safety, efficiency, and reliability, catering to the diverse needs of industries that require rigging and lifting solutions.

Taiyo Seiki Works I offers a diverse range of products designed for various rigging and lifting operations. Their product lineup includes essential tools and accessories for safe and efficient handling of loads in different industrial settings. Here's an overview of their product categories:

Shackles: Shackles are connecting fittings used to link wire ropes, fiber slings, and chain slings with the load. They are crucial in rigging operations and come in two primary shapes: bow and straight.

Hooks: Hooks, particularly heavy-duty hooks, are commonly used in rigging operations due to their ease of attaching and detaching. They come in basic forms such as eye type and swivel type, with various designs to enhance safety and work efficiency, including hooks that prevent rope disengagement.

Rings: Rings are circular connecting fittings used in various rigging operations. They can consolidate multiple slings and be directly attached to crane hooks. Rings are differentiated into circular ("ring") and oval ("link") shapes, embodying safety technology in their simple design.

Fiber Slings: As a fiber sling manufacturer, Taiyo Seiki offers a wide range of slings capable of handling various weights, essential for lifting and moving heavy loads.

Sling Sets: These are ready-to-use sling sets, ideal for those who need an immediate rigging solution. They are selected to suit various lifting requirements.

Discover Taiyo Seiki Works I's premier rigging and lifting solutions. Concise catalog presents essential equipment like shackles, hooks, fiber slings, and more, engineered for utmost safety, efficiency, and reliability. From custom lifting beams to secure wire solutions, find everything you need to elevate your operations. Embrace innovation and practicality with Taiyo Seiki Works I.


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