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Where Purity Meets Precision in Industrial Filtration


WAFTEC: Pioneering the Future with Innovative Filtration Solutions
Industrial Filtration: Where Purity Meets Precision

Beyond Filtration: WAFTEC's Vision for a Cleaner, Safer Industrial World

WAFTEC: Envisioning a Cleaner, Safer Future Beyond Filtration

Filtering the Future: WAFTEC's Commitment to Innovative Solutions

WAFTEC's products find applications in several case studies across different industries, including:

  • Petrochemical plants, such as ethylene and phenol plants.

  • Petroleum refining processes.

  • LPG processing.

  • Product oil shipment facilities at refineries and oil terminals.

  • Oleochemical plants.

WAFTEC's expertise in filter technology, established since 1952, combined with their wide range of products, positions them as a key player in supporting industries around the world with efficient and reliable filtration solutions. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their diverse product offerings and their role as a partner of U.S. Facet, for whom they are the exclusive distributor in Japan.


In addition to their diverse range of industrial filters, WAFTEC (Wako Filter Technology) also offers a variety of filter cartridges, which are integral components of their filtration systems. These filter cartridges are designed to cater to a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring high efficiency and reliability in filtration processes. Here's an extension to the overview of WAFTEC's filter cartridge products:

Filter Cartridges: WAFTEC's filter cartridges are engineered to meet the specific needs of different industries. These cartridges play a crucial role in the filtration systems by trapping and removing contaminants from fluids or gases. The design and material of the cartridges are selected based on the application, fluid properties, and required filtration level. They are essential in maintaining the purity, quality, and safety of the processed materials.

WAFTEC, a division of Wako Filter Technology, specializes in a comprehensive range of filters and filter cartridges designed for various industrial applications. Their products are tailored to support industries globally, with a significant domestic market share in specific sectors. Here's an overview of their filter types and applications:

Filter Separator: Primarily used in airport facilities, where WAFTEC holds a notable market share, these separators are essential for liquid-liquid and gas-liquid separation processes. They are designed to efficiently separate mixed phases, ensuring purity and quality in industrial processes.

Process Coalescer: These are specialized for merging small droplets of a liquid into larger ones, typically used in processes where phase separation is crucial. Process coalescers are vital in industries where precise separation of liquids is necessary for product quality and process efficiency.

Micro Filter: Micro filters are designed to remove fine particulate matter from liquids or gases. They are essential in industries requiring high levels of purity and are used to protect sensitive machinery and improve product quality.

Mist Separator: Mist separators are used to remove liquid droplets from gas streams. They are crucial in industries where gas purity is essential, such as in chemical processing or gas production.

Oil Purifier: These are designed to purify and maintain the quality of oil in various industrial applications. Oil purifiers are essential for prolonging machinery life and ensuring operational efficiency in industries that rely heavily on oil-based machinery.

Portable Filter Separator: These are versatile and mobile solutions for on-site filtration needs. Portable filter separators are used in various settings, including remote or temporary industrial sites, where fixed filtration systems are not feasible.

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