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Nichiboku Ltd: 
The Focus in Osaka 2025
"Where Innovation Meets Tradition in Business"

International Marketing  & Trading 

Nichiboku Ltd 

About our Company 

Our strategic infrastructure is crucial not only for streamlined logistics but also for facilitating direct interactions with our clients, ensuring efficient service across central, northern, and southern Japan. This strategic placement significantly enhances our operational efficiency and client service capabilities, underscoring our dedication to business excellence.
 (Professional Export - Import Support & Japanese Industrial Equipment Supply)

Nichiboku Ltd., embodying the synergy of Japan ("Nichi") and Mexico ("Boku"), is strategically positioned in Osaka, at the core of the Kansai region in Kinki. Our prime location situates us at a vital junction in a key logistics and marketing corridor. Situated advantageously between the major ports of Kobe and Osaka, we are equipped to offer comprehensive logistical solutions.


At Nichiboku Ltd., we focus on outstanding performance in marketing and international trade, prioritizing high quality and innovative solutions. Guided by a commitment to precision, we blend modern innovation with traditional values to consistently exceed client expectations, ensuring long-term success and building deeper trust with our clients.

"Doing things right from the first time"
Nichiboku Ltd Mission


At Nichiboku Ltd., we aim to be a top reference in Marketing and International Trade, powered by a dedicated team providing premium solutions to global firms. Our core objective is to build enduring business relationships and solid trust with our clients, recognizing this as the cornerstone of our professional commitment.

"Prioritize and maintain our customer trust."
Nichiboku Ltd Vission


At Nichiboku Ltd., we emphasize building relationships grounded in respect and professionalism, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and team appreciation. Our ethos, influenced by Japanese wisdom and experience, strengthens our global market presence.

"Today better than yesterday,
tomorrow better than today"
NIchiboku Ltd Values

Sakai: Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Unite, Innovate, Prosper

Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nichiboku Membership
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Nichiboku Ltd. transcends the traditional role of a company; we are a conduit for intercultural, market, and opportunity connections. Our professional demeanor and extensive experience establish us as the premier strategic ally for your international trade requirements.

Place your confidence in us. Place your confidence in Nichiboku Ltd.

Our registration in the Exporters and Importers directory is a testament to our proficiency and seasoned expertise in international trade. Since our inception, Nichiboku Ltd. has been dedicated to fortifying trade relations between Mexico and Japan, extending our reach to other nations as well.

Headquartered in Sakai, Osaka, Nichiboku Ltd. is a distinguished member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan, proudly affiliated with the Sakai Industry and Commerce Chamber under membership number K-0101752. This affiliation signifies our deep-rooted commitment and esteemed standing in the Japanese business community.

Your Source for Japanese Equipment and Parts

Empowering Industrial Excellence
Empowering Industrial Excellence: Premier Japanese Equipment and Parts Supplier
Nichiboku Ltd. Marketing
Nichiboku Ltd.: Pioneering Electromechanical Solutions for Global Industrial Excellence

"Enhanced Industrial Efficiency Worldwide"

Industrial Solutions

Nichiboku Ltd. emerges as a leading provider of cutting-edge electromechanical solutions in the industrial sector. Our foundation in robust engineering principles enables us to deliver advanced equipment and components, specifically tailored to elevate operational efficiency in industrial facilities worldwide.

Optimizing International Trade: Nichiboku Ltd.'s Commitment to JASTPRO Standards

"Making Global Trade Easier for You"


Nichiboku Ltd. is dedicated to upholding the JASTPRO Code No. P001J2520000 from the Japan Association for the Simplification of International Trade Procedures. Our commitment enables us to efficiently assist our clients in optimizing their logistics, facilitating smoother international trade.

Showcasing Excellence: Our Premier Japanese Industrial Equipment Selection

Powering Progress with Precision

Industrial Equitments

For a detailed exploration of our offerings, we invite you to peruse the following section, which showcases a selection of our top-tier Japanese industrial products. This list is designed to give you a glimpse into the quality and variety we bring to the table, setting the stage for a partnership that drives progress and fosters growth in your industrial endeavors.

Explore the interesting Japanese market

International Marketing Service 

Navigate the Intriguing World of the Japanese Market: A Journey of Discovery
Bridge to Success: Nichiboku Ltd.'s Specialized Import Services for Mexican Agro-Food Products in Japan

Nichiboku Ltd. offers specialized services to facilitate the import of Mexican agro-food products into Japan, tackling sector-specific challenges and opportunities.

International  Marketing & Trade 

A Special Service for Mexican Companies

Unlocking Global Opportunities: Business Tours, Trade Missions, and Japan Trade Fair Support

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Business Tours: Trade Missions

Support for Participation in Japan Trade Fairs

Insightful Data, Strategic Decisions: Japan Food Import Database

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Statistical Report

Japan Food Import Database

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